Getting Your Roof Ready for Winter

Now that our days are getting cooler we’re reminded that winter is just around the corner. Making sure your roof is secure and watertight in the fall can save you a lot of hassle in the winter. Most people would prefer to be curled up in front of a fire or enjoying the outdoors rather than dealing with roofing issues or leaks during the harsh winter months and occasional winter thaws.

It’s a good idea to clear your roof of debris and prune overhanging trees. This prevents branches from damaging your roof if they break off in ice storms and also prevents ice and water build-up when small twigs and other debris clogs up your gutters. While you’re clearing your roof, check to make sure your shingles aren’t curling or losing their granulation. These are both signs of aging and if not replaced, could come off during a snow or ice storm leaving your roof vulnerable.

The next place to check is your attic. Check to make sure your insulation is dry and has a uniform appearance. If some areas are worn more than others, or if there is discolouration or stains, this could be an indication of a number of problems. At best, it could mean slight leakage which, if caught quickly enough, can be easily rectified with a new roof and insulation replacement in localized areas. Of course, it becomes complicated if the leaks have been left for an extended period of time, or if they are paired with poor ventilation and the resulting condensation. These complications could lead to mould growth, requiring a visit from mould removal specialists before roofing could commence. At worst, you could have animals nesting in your attic which would require animal removal services. Warm, moist air naturally rises through your attic making adequate insulation and ventilation an important part of having a dry, cozy house throughout the winter without unusually high heating bills.

If clambering around on ladders to check the condition of your roof isn’t your thing, please call us today at 416 743-8058 to set up a roof inspection and make sure you can enjoy a secure and cozy house for the winter.