It’s true! You get what you pay for….

It’s interesting that after all these years, this saying still rings true. With the exception of special discounts or seasonal sales, when projects are being quoted on the same specifications and there are major differences in quote prices, you must use due diligence. Verify that the correct square footage is being quoted, all of the materials and procedures are the same, are provided in writing, and any special requirements are addressed. Ensure that the company has the certifications or competency and experience required to complete the project as quoted. Be aware of a low initial price with hidden extras. Ask for proof of WSIB and liability insurance, with your interests insured, prior to commencement of project.

Although it may be tempting to go for the low price, in most cases, you will get less value for your hard-earned cash. Some contractors may suggest installing a new roof over an existing roof to provide a cheaper solution for the customer, but do not follow the manufacturer’s specified products and procedures. This is one method for the contractor to increase their profits and secure the sale, but they might not have your best interest in mind. Be informed that these practices have caused premature membrane failure and do not qualify for membrane manufacturer warranties. In our experience, we have seen this type of roof installation fail within weeks of installation while the customer was anticipating that it would last for as long as 15 to 20 years.

As you may be well aware, the care and detail in which the membranes are assembled determines their performance. Attention to detail is extremely important as leaks are often the result of an improperly installed roof system or accessories. Companies that invest in employee training and keep up to date with current regulations and safety procedures have higher overheads which is a small price to pay for protecting your assets and giving you peace of mind while you focus on your own areas of expertise.