When is the Right Time of Year for a New Roof?

There is much controversy around which season is the best for roof replacement. We try to outline the pros and cons of the different seasons and how they affect the roofing process. We understand that due to budget and time constraints, you may not have the privilege of choosing a specific season, therefore we aim to assure you that any season is possible with our level of experience and skill.

Most people would scratch winter off the list due to the unfavourable weather conditions. Although roofing can be done in the winter, the cold tends to make equipment work less efficiently and some materials won’t bond in extreme temperatures. Winter has shorter days which means not as much can be accomplished per work week. On the other hand, the stable, sunny days tend to be the nicest days for the workers with little to no adverse effects on the roofing materials.

Spring and autumn are favourable seasons for roof replacements because the temperatures tend to be fairly stable without the extreme heat or cold. However, these seasons tend to have more rain and wind meaning fewer available working days. Many people often find these seasons to be busier times for roofing contractors and you may experience longer wait times before your project can be started.

There are many factors that make summer an ideal time to get your roof done. Most importantly, the weather conditions are at their prime. You get longer days and less rain and wind which means the workers have more days that they can work. Unfortunately, heat waves can reduce the number of hours that it is safe to work due to potential heat related illnesses. The warmer temperatures help the materials to bond better, however, more intense UV rays and high temperatures can increase the possibility of damage to the new roof materials during the installation process.